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If You Can't Afford Private Therapy...

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

...and you're facing a long wait for NHS support, here are a few pointers.

Your GP should be able to help, so it's worth a visit to see what's available in your area.

1) Look up local Counselling training colleges: Their students have to get experience in their final year, so often there's a low cost or free service available.

2) If you're in active military service, a veteran or family member, or in some postcode areas, a young person, you can access 24/7 mental health peer support at, a fantastic site which is overseen by trained counsellors to keep everyone safe while they're using it (I used to work there). Loads of free resources & peer support but no free personal counselling.

3) Some therapists offer reduced rates for certain groups (low income, NHS, Military etc.) so check this out on their profiles, or just ask! You can even use 'offers concessions' as a search criteria on some therapist directories like and - both of which ensure the therapists are qualified & registered with an appropriate industry body. I don't offer concessions as I take referrals from Frontline19, but many therapists will, so it's always worth checking.

4) Here's a link to a charity offering Ambulance service staff & volunteers free therapy.

5) Many professions have charities associated with them, so look up charities for workers in your role & see if they provide a counselling service.

6) Frontline NHS & Emergency Services staff can apply for free online therapy via - in total confidence.

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